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Jesus Ojeda Golf Performance Academy

Offering a true one-on-one golf lesson experience.

All instruction takes place at Chula Vista Golf Course.

Growing the Game of Golf Across the Ages.

Train Smarter

" Keep it Super Simple," approach allows players to learn scoring philosophies, golf course management tips, strategies, and a series of drills and techniques to practice to lower your handicap. 

Custom lesson plans and tailored golf instruction great for players of all abilities.



Teaching Philosophy

Evaluating Your Game

Evaluating your golf game and playing abilities can help you: Hit the ball longer and straighter.  Understanding your body's natural movement patterns and muscle memory. 

The First Step: Lessons

 Many golfers will come to a lesson looking for a way to fix their slice or a specific element they are unhappy with, and expect the answer and solution neatly packaged for them. It does not work that way.

Follow the Plan

Change does not happen over night and understanding what you are doing wrong  reinforces what you are going wrong. Golf is about adapting new movement to existing movement patterns. 

Practice Makes a Difference

If you are given drills to perform before your next lesson, spend the time on them.

 Making meaningful changes to your golf swing will take time and effort. Consider the training needed between lessons.

Setting Goals for Continued Success

Setting short attainable goals with your coach encourages success. There are many influences which can effect your perfect swing. Having a goal in place helps you focus on the task at hand. This also helps during a golf round.

Do NOT Listen to That Guy on the Range

There is not shortage of friends and/or golfers that are willing to look at your swing and offer what they believe is the fix. You will get advice on what they are struggling with on the course.   There is no quick fix everybody is different.  

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Jesus Ojeda Golf Performance Academy

4475 Bonita Road, Bonita, California 91902, United States

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